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Michaela Lahat (b. 1993, Tel Aviv, IL) lives and works between Tel Aviv and London. She received her BA in photography from the University of Westminster (2020). Her first projects were hosted in group exhibitions such as Whitehot Gallery (Online), New York, NY (2020); Orange Art Foundation, Brooklyn, NY (2020); Shutter Hub (Online), London, UK (2020); Lewisham Arthouse, London, UK (2019); KulturMarktHalle, Berlin, DE (2019); Cuckoo’s Nest, Tel Aviv, IL (2019) among others. Michaela Lahat is one of the highly commended graduates of 2020 by Photograd Magazine. Her photographs and interviews were recently published by The Pupil Sphere (2020), Source Magazine (2020), and on The Eye Photography (2019, 2020). 

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